Japan MIDORI angle sensor CP-5UY

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Product introduction:

CP-5UY ----Produced by MIDORI Company, the straightway which has adopted magnet and magnetic impedor is 300 degrees of angle sensors, but according to the request of you compensator circuit or switched circuit of the built-in temperature,etc..

Electric corner: 300 degrees; Mechanical angle: 360 deg is limitless;

Linear precision: ¡À 1% FS (FS =300 degrees) ;

Input impedance: 30K¦¸¡À 30%;

The voltage added: Under DC14V;

Withstand voltage: AC500V 1 minute;

Using temperature range: -40- 100 ¡æ;

The details are consulted: Miss Li
Tel.: 010- 51735126 postboxes / MSN: lixueyan010@163.com
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