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The products explain in detail

Our company is Japan yamatake first class commission agent, the military label of Japanese mountain has been already by Japan

Our company is Japan yamatake Chinese maximum commission agent, the military label of Japanese mountain has already been changed to Japan azbil by Japan yamatake, Japan azbil is a military new label of Japanese mountain, our company supplies the military process control instrument of Japanese mountain, for instance: Switch, controller, flame monitor, combustion controller, temperature regulator, the sensor, flow switch, pressure control, pressure switch, wind pressure switch, recording meter, the converter, the indicator, mass flowmeter, the actuator, the relevant apparatus of the system.

The concrete type is as follows:

SDC10, SDC15, SDC20, SDC21, SDC25, SDC26, SDC30, SDC31, SDC35, SDC36

Digital controllers of serial intelligence such as SDC40A, SDC40B,etc.


Serial intellectual recording meters such as SRF101/SRF102/SRF103/SRF106/SRF206/SRF212/SRF224 F206/SRF212/SRF224

Serial program segment controllers such as DCP31/DCP32/DCP551/DCP552

DMC10/DMC50 multiple channel controller

SPS300A/SPS300B pressure capsule

CMQ gas quality control device

CMS/CML/CMG mass-flow gas meter

EST240Z/ EST555Z touch-sensitive screen

ECM3000/M6284/M7284/M604/M 904 / M931/HM/MN111 servomotor

R4750/FRS100/FRS110/AUR300C protective relay

C6097A pressure switch

C7035 flame detector

AUD300C advanced UV sensor

Photoelectric switch series HPX/HPA/HPB/HPJ/HPQ/HP100

Such as HPB-T2, HP100-A1, HPJ-A21 HPJ-T21

Proximity switch FL7M/FL2/APM

For instance: FL7M-3J6HD, FL7M-10J6D, FL7M-14J6ND

Limit switch LS/14CE/SL/LDVS

For instance: 1LS1-J, 1LS3-J, 5LS1-J, 6LS3-J, 8LS3-J, 8LS152-J, SL1-P, SL1-A, LDVS-5204S-Z LDVS-5304S-Z LDVS-5314S-Z

Unexplosive limit switch VCX/LX

For instance: VCX-5001, 1LX5001

The price China is optimum, welcome the friends from all walks of life to order!

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