Stock 12V1A power adapting device YOUHONG-1201

Print Favorites 06-9-2009

Product introduction:

Specialize in the Europe gauge Australia's rule American gauge power adapter of AC-DC Great Britain rule, it is a main fact that the company establishes several for being been absorbed in developing the already low-powered power all the time, each power capital is through rigorously enforcing aging experiment, precision high, overvoltage protection, overcharged protection, overcurrent protection, short circuit protection, ripple of voltage regulation are little, with low noises, the efficiency appearance above 85% is exquisite and small and exquisite. Developing at present has 4.2V500MA 4.2V1A 5V500MA 5V1A 5V1.5A 5V2A 6V500MA 6V1A 6V1.5A 6V2A 7.2V500MA 7.2V1A 8V1A 9V500MA 9V1A 12V350MA to produce very ripe products (LED constant current power supply) 12V500MA 12V800MA 12V1A 24V500MA 24V1A 12V1.25A 12V1.5A 12V2A 12V3A 12V4A 12V5A vehicle carried GPS power 5V1A 5V1.5A 5V2A Wait for various note-book power, can develop various power according to customer's request. The products accord with CCC CE UL, Some products have the intersection of 5V1A and the intersection of 6V1A and the intersection of 9V1A and the intersection of 6V500MA and 12V500MA, 12V1A of stock, subject to telephone communication of the same day, welcome old and new customers call to consult Mr. 13602819756 Cao often QQ116211087

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